8 april 2020

Since the coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands, people have been buying healthy products en masse. The demand for broccoli, lemons, mandarins and oranges (products with a lot of vitamin C) has increased enormously. However, there has been a reduction in purchase of more luxurious products such as pineapples, mangoes and avocados. In addition to the lockdowns, this poses quite a few challenges. You can read here which challenges these are for the fruit and vegetable products from Spain and South America.  

Spain After Italy, Spain is the hardest hit in Europe. Spaniards are only allowed to go outside for work or shopping. Many people are sick and scared, and you can see this on the land and in the warehouses: there is a shortage of hands. And workers in the warehouses must work according to strict regulations, including keeping 1.5 metres away. This slows down production. And it's difficult for lorries to return with a full load after products from Spain have been delivered here. Drivers have a longer wait or return without a load, which increases costs.

South America It is mainly the so-called 'luxury products' that come to the Netherlands from these countries. This includes melons, pineapples, mangoes and avocados. It seems that people are less in the mood for this because of the corona crisis. If demand rises in the run-up to summer, the shortage of refrigerated containers may be an issue. Many of the required containers are still waiting (empty) in China, where the economy has only recently regained momentum.

Now and in the future No one can predict the impact of the coronavirus on productions and deliveries in the autumn season. With the hope that the situation will stabilise around the summer, sowing will certainly take place. MG Fruit also has confidence in the future! In the meantime, we actively maintain contact with our business relations and shipping agents in order to be able to make full delivery and to deliver on time. 

Our wish for you: strength and support In these times it has become clear once again that work, however important, is secondary to people's good health. That is why MG Fruit wishes the whole world - in particular our customers and suppliers - a lot of strength and support. Take good care of each other and we will take care of your fruit and vegetables.