27 september 2019

Tholen - Pineapple importers currently have large volumes to process. “Costa Rica always has a lot of production this time of year. In addition, there is a fair amount of supply coming from countries such as Panama, Ecuador and Colombia. You see those countries entering the market more often than before. Those countries do not have the position of Costa Rica and in a market with less supply, it does not bother us that much. But when Costa Rica is in full control, it does have an effect on pricing, "says Miguel Gonzalez of MG Fruit from Barendrecht.

"As a result, the prices have dropped slightly at the moment. We are now at a price level of 8-8.50 euros for the good sizes. This price level does not make you rich, but it is also not dramatically low." Miguel puts in perspective . "In addition, the pineapple market came through the summer remarkably well. Perhaps the price level did not reach the peaks that we expected, but I did not find that problematic. I prefer to keep a nice average price over a long period, in order for consumption to last, rather than fluctuations that cause sales to stall, because then you pay back everything you have earned. " "Although the pineapple is actually no longer an exotic, but a basic product on the fruit shelf, the market can be less in other summers, partly because of competition from other summer fruit. There was enough fruit from Southern Europe this year, but you can note that the market of supply and demand is above that, because the market reached a nice level due to a lower pineapple supply, "says Miguel. He expects a difficult market in the upcoming weeks due to the high production. "Production is expected to decrease again from mid-October and prices will increase." As an important trend in the market, he notes that consumers are looking for a pineapple with a bit more color than before. "In the past, a green pineapple was still seen as an advantage, because it has a longer shelf life. Nowadays, consumers, especially in The Netherlands, want more color on the pineapple. That certainly benefits the ripeness, brix, but especially the appearance!"

Source: https://www.agf.nl