3 september 2019

In the week of September 2, 2019, MG Fruit expects to import the first fruit from Brazil. With regard to prices, there is good hope that next month will be a good month for melons and watermelons from Brazil. The latter has everything to do with the difficult summer season that this sector has had.

Review of the Spanish season

In July, the production of melons and watermelons was in full swing in Spain. However, July was also the month when the holidays started in Northern Europe. In addition, temperatures in July and early August were moderate. The moderate weather, together with the northern Europeans moving south, were not favorable for the sales of (water) melons and other summer fruits such as stone fruit.

The volumes from Spain have decreased in the past two weeks, but we still had to deal with tropical temperatures in Europe. The demand for (water) melons and other summer fruit has risen, which - taking into account the small volumes from Spain - has caused prices to rise automatically. The Brazilian season for (water) melons that starts in September therefore has a favorable start.

Forecast Brazilian season

The shipments from Brazil have slowly started. The first fruit, yellow melons, will arrive at MG Fruit in week 36. From week 37 we expect the first galia and cantaloupe melons. Watermelon starts from week 38. The quality of the Spanish watermelons is so good that we always wait a little longer before importing from Brazil.

We are positive and trust the quality of the fruit from Brazil. The success of the season depends on the volume that Brazil will send to Europe.